WE stand

Jewelry and handicraft business

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 WE Stand Products:

  • Jewelry including necklaces, earrings and bracelets, made using handmade paper beads and Ugandan seeds.

  • Handbags and clutches made from handmade paper beads and Ugandan fabric

  • Woven baskets

  • Fired clay bowls

  • Utensils, placemats, and woven napkin rings

  • Stuffed animals made with Ugandan fabrics, including elephants, rhinoceroses, and giraffes

  • Handmade cards

  • Holiday items


Mission: WE Stand empowers individuals and their families in Uganda by providing a platform to sell products through an online store. Many of our WE Stand products are made by our micro-finance clients as a part of our WE Empower program which gives our micro-loan recipients a sustainable business model and provides entrepreneurship training.


Vision: WE Stand is committed to fighting poverty and injustice by providing a platform for entrepreneurs to sell their product, thus creating jobs and transforming lives of people in Uganda.


Behind every WE STAND product lies a story, and we have an opportunity to become part of that story. Similar to each product, each one of these stories is unique; filled with various dreams, personal struggles, and different faces. Here at WE International, we value the different talents and gifts that each designer brings, but there is one similarity we want each story to have: hope.

The purchase of a WE STAND product provides a designer with a chance to earn a living. These purchases help empower these individuals to send their children to school, provide food for their families, and expand their ability to earn a sustainable income to rise above poverty.


The Process:

An individual joins the WE Empower program to gain business and entrepreneurship skills.  He or she brings his or her talents, including weaving baskets or making jewelry, and learns entrepreneurial skills to start up a business. Together, we help our applicants create a tangible business plan and apply through WE International for a micro-loan.

Next, through our WE Empower program, chosen applicants receive micro-loans to help with their business startup costs. We encourage our micro-loan recipients to establish a self-sustaining business within their local community. Any revenue they make goes towards paying back their micro-loan, but more importantly revenue helps cover expenses including children’s education or family medical needs. For some, it becomes a viable way to make a living.

As an additional business platform, we offer to sell our micro-finance clients’ product through WE Stand. As products are made, WE International buys the product at a fair price in country. Products are then brought back to the States and sold through our WE Stand platform both online and in person at events and Home Parties.

Profit from the products goes back into WE International for further expansion and for further micro-loan provision through our WE Empower program. Profit also enables us to continue buying product from our entrepreneur friends in Uganda.


Interested in Hosting a Home Party?

A WE International Home Party is an opportunity for a community to come together to purchase goods made by Ugandan entrepreneurs and learn about WE International, our programs, and the poverty and injustice issues we respond to. 

Interested in interning for WE International for our WE Stand Program & Business? Check out our interning program here!

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